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Event Catering is a Success for School Events

There are many school events that need catering. Everything from PTA meetings to school-wide fundraisers for charity can be event catered.

Here are five of the most common events that can be catered during the school year. Instead of doing the normal potluck where everyone brings something and everyone shows up with cookies, consider pooling in […]

Why Small Businesses Choose Event Catering Every Time

There are generally two different options small- and medium-sized businesses have when they decide to host an event: event catering or doing it yourself. Small businesses simply do not have enough capital to use an in-house kitchen or to hire professional chefs to work on-site like the larger Fortune 500 companies do.

When faced with this […]

Event Catering Will Draw Larger Crowds

If you are planning to host a fundraiser, or a special event in your life like a birthday or community holiday celebration, you should consider ordering event catering from a reputable event catering company in advance. You will draw larger crowds, and your event will be more successful as a result. The more successful your […]

The Summer is Still Alive with Event Catering

There are still a few weeks left of the summer and everyone is doing their last minute partying before it ends. One way to keep the party going and extend it into the early morning, when all the best parties occur, is to order event catering from a reputable event catering company.

Catered food is simply […]

The Best of Event Catering

Everyone has been to a bake sale, potluck, community auction with food, and more. While these and other event are great for last minute planning, or for planners who are content with using the same theme for an event year after year, event planners that want to try something new should consider contacting an event […]

Hiring an Event Catering Company Is a Must

Using an event catering company to help you plan your event is almost a must when you know all the benefits. To plan an event that will meet everybody’s expectations makes for a good event for all participants. There is a lot for you to keep in mind. Being busy catering your own event while […]

Use Event Catering for Your Next Holiday Party

You can now take your Christmas party to the next level with event catering. The two top reasons why event catering can make your Christmas party great are due to the quality of its food, and its safety.

The Food is Top Quality

When you order event catering from an event catering company, you know that you […]

Make Your Next Office Christmas Party an Unforgettable One with Event Catering

Practically every office across the country will be hosting an office Christmas party for their employees, clients, customers, and guests. It is a great way to finish up the year, with everyone partying and having fun with each other. Office Christmas parties also tend to be unforgettable. While the most unforgettable Christmas party in America […]

Celebrate March Break with Event Catering

It may seem like the Winter Break just ended but is has been three months. There are so few public holidays during the first half of the year that you need to make each one special, especially March Break. You may have received a short break from work and your kids are out of school. […]

The Summer is the Best Time to Use Event Catering

If you want to host a successful event, host it during the summer. The summer is the best time to do so because people’s schedules are more open, and the weather is more amicable, depending on where you live. Unlike in other seasons, where most people are working and the weather is harsher, the summer […]