art of food event cateringWhen the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, you probably were out celebrating with friends and family that another year had passed. Wanting a fresh start for the upcoming year, you and others made resolutions, which you fully intend to keep. After all, one of the most common resolutions people make is to eat healthier.

However, there are so many holidays with tempting confections, like chocolate and cake that often lead people astray and make them break their resolutions. Barring the mandatory piece of wedding cake, many people do try hard to refrain from eating sweets, and it can be a challenge. Luckily, with a breakfast catering company like Art of Food, you will not even have to break a sweat. We have it covered. Now, you can keep your New Year’s resolutions going strong all year long!

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Everyone has skipped breakfast at least once. While it is not a mandatory meal, it is the most important. How we approach breakfast may determine the rest of our day. If we choose a healthy breakfast option like oatmeal and fruit, we may be more likely to achieve other goals as well. In contrast, if our willpower falters are we reach for oily cinnamon sticks dunked in table syrup every morning, we may not have the mental fortitude to stick to our goals later on in the day. With the added weight of keeping our New Year’s resolutions, the pressure can be unbearable.

Breakfast catering is a wise choice that eliminates these tough decisions, like what to eat, from your life. Whenever a major holiday comes up and you feel tempted to eat sweets to celebrate the occasion, ordering catering can be an affordable and easy way to remain vigilant and keep your resolutions.

Whether you are planning a weekly family reunion, or you want to order your breakfast for the week in bulk, a catering company can help you keep your, and your families, resolutions intact, and at an affordable price. With a slew of options ranging in price, and starting at just $3.00, and deals when reserving multiple orders at once, Art of Food will ensure you stick to your diet, especially during St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day Is Not Just a Couples Holiday

It is a common mistake that only couples can celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. While the majority of those who do are couples, anyone that loves someone else can celebrate. Whether you meet up with family or spend the day with friends, start the day off right with breakfast catering.

Keep your resolutions this year while you celebrate one of the most chocolate-filled holidays with breakfast catering. With options ranging from breakfast platters, to hot breakfasts, to fruit skewers, to mini bagels with smoked salmon platters, Art of Food has many healthy and affordable options for you to choose from. Do not give into the temptation and give in to your cravings for sweets. Top quality catered food is available, and can satiate your sweet tooth too.

Just remember that St. Valentine’s Day is a day about love, not just lovers. While it is simpler for a couple to exchange chocolates with each other, and has become a trope of the holiday, this is not all St. Valentine’s Day is about. As the holiday of love, you should celebrate it by spending the day with those you love, like your family. Still, we understand the temptation to eat sweets is strong! Keep your New Year’s resolution going strong to the end of the year, and call breakfast catering company Art of Food today!

Art of Food is a top quality, professional breakfast catering company that serves clients across Toronto and the GTA. Don’t break your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and diet, you can do both while enjoying scrumptious food specially prepared for you, your family, and friends. After all, St. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. For more information on how to order breakfast catering, please visit our website today!