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Many people of all ages spend their summers off work or school, soaking up the sun for two glorious months of fun before returning to their jobs and schoolwork. Others, however, continue working and may even choose to work every week. However, no matter how focused you are on your work, working during the summer can be distracting, as all your friends are out having fun while you are sitting in your office.

Raise Employee Morale

Raising employee morale is not an exact science. It is more like an art. Morale can be raised or lowered by an individual, by the group, or some external circumstance like construction and roadwork on one’s morning commute. However, what can be predicted relatively well is the reaction every action has.

The vast majority of employers realize that happy workers are productive workers. The problem with the summer is that it can be very distracting, given everything that is happening in an employee’s social circle that he or she is missing out on. If you want to raise your employees’ morale and motivate them to enjoy their work is to order corporate catering.

The Benefits of Corporate Catering During the Summer

During the summer, especially, it can be a challenge for anyone to eat healthy and stick to his or her diet. There are so many sugary food and beverage options available on every corner, advertised specifically for the summer, like shakes, ice cream, and popsicles. If a person is not careful, he or she can slowly put on unhealthy amounts of weight without realizing it. With corporate catering, you can help your employees, and clients, stick to healthy eating habits.

Corporate catering options usually include a choice between soup, sandwich, or salad as the main course, some dessert or fresh fruit as a side course, and a drink. This is a well-balanced meal that is sure to be filling and nutritious. Compared to the salad at the local grocery store, which has been sitting on the shelf for a day, or the hastily-prepared egg sandwich made at home, professional corporate catering is the best option to consider this summer.

Great for Mobile or Flexible Workplaces

If you work in a mobile position in a company, you are probably going to be traveling a significant amount for your job. However, mobile workers still get lunch breaks. Knowing that professionally made corporate catering is waiting just for you at the office is a great morale booster to increase your productivity and ability while driving around to fulfill your job duties.

If you work in a workplace that lets you choose your hours, you too can benefit from corporate catering. Usually, workers get to choose how early they want to arrive, which dictates how late they need to stay at the office. Regardless of their starting time, employees are usually all present during the lunch break. If you are the type of person who enjoys eating at specific times, like earlier in the day for instance, you can align your work schedule with corporate catering, so you can feel and be your best at work.

Corporate catering is not just for high-profile executive meetings like you see in the movies. It can be for any event during the workday, involving employees at every level of the company, and at any time of the year. This summer, raise your employees’ morale with corporate catering from Art of Food in Toronto. For more information, or to place an order, please call us today.