art of food event cateringEveryone loves the summer. The air is warm, the water is cool, and you have some time off from work. While you may be doing the stereotypical activities like hanging out at the beach or going to see the newest Hollywood Blockbuster, you should start your day off right with breakfast catering. Any type of morning event benefits from hearty breakfast, whether you are celebrating a birthday in the family, to a high school reunion, or a trade meeting.

The Best Time of the Day

Depending on where you live, the sun may rise at different times but the hottest times of the day are usually between 8AM and 4PM. Before and after this, the air is a bit cooler as the sun is not as high in the sky. When determining which activities and events you want to fill your day, you should keep the weather patterns in mind. This is also true for your mealtimes.

If you want to get together with friends, or make new ones, the best atmosphere is a relaxed and calm one. You have probably done the morning commute or work when it is extremely hot outside. If you do not want to replicate that and you want to avoid sweating profusely when rushing to lunch dates with your friends and family, book a breakfast catering company to serve you food instead.

Although operating slightly earlier in the day than lunchtime, breakfast catering is a great option for those who want to enjoy their day this summer while avoiding the heat waves outside. While everyone else is lined up at the one communal water fountain at the beach, you can feel refreshed and relaxed, eating such delicacies as mini-bagels filled with salmon, or fruit and cheese skewers. What a great way to start your day!

The Best Time to Meet with Others

When you host an event, you need to keep in mind the schedules of your guests. If they are unable to attend your event, you will have wasted your money because no one will be able to attend it. The best times to hold events, therefore, are early in the morning and late at night. So many people have filled their schedules during the day in advance, and may not be able to modify their plans, no matter how much they want to attend. If you want to host an event, especially during the summer, play it safe, host it in the morning, and hire a breakfast catering company to service the event.

Your guests will be enthusiastic that they do not have to cook and prepare breakfast that morning, and they will feel happier throughout the day, since it will seem more productive to them. The earlier you wake up, the more time you think you have to spend in the day, and the more things you do. With breakfast catering, you are not only helping your guests achieve more throughout the day, you are also providing them with a delicious meal that they will not forget.

If you are interested in hosting a catered event over the summer, consider hiring a breakfast catering company today. Most people do not have plans in the early morning so they will be able to attend, especially since doing so means they can escape the hot weather for even a few hours. For more information on how to book an event from the Art of Food in Toronto, please contact us or place an order on today.