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Celebrate Your Corporate Culture and Values with Corporate Catering

Every business has a corporate culture and every corporate culture is different. Companies is Silicon Valley, for instance, have a more relaxed company culture than companies on Wall Street.

Celebrate your own company’s corporate culture with corporate catering, sure to be a hit at your next staff appreciation party.
Appreciated Staff Have Higher Morales
There has been a […]

Use Corporate Catering to Hire the Best Employees

Job hunter and applicants are not simply searching for wages anymore. They are looking at all their options holistically, and determining the many various factors that matter to them as employees. As a result, they may take a job that pays $10,000 less than another offer if they like the work culture, the location, or […]

Coworkers Bring Corporate Catering into the Office

There are several times throughout the year where corporate environments experience an influx of new workers. These times align with the various calendars. January, the start of the New Year, is one such time. The start of the Fall is another. To a lesser extent, many corporate environments experience an influx of workers during the […]

Corporate Catering is the Bread & Butter of the Catering Industry

When you think about a catering company, you immediately think of corporate catering. You imagine well-dressed servers in their white or black dress shirts, an apron, a tray, tasty food, table displays, and professionalism. This is the classic image of a corporate catering company and there is a reason for that.

Corporate catering is a massive […]

Wow Your Clients with Corporate Catering This Year

Christmas is almost here. If your office is like many offices, you will probably host an office party for your office workers. Many offices often host Christmas parties for their staff and their staff’s family and friends. It is a time to come together and celebrate the holidays and good cheer. However, this year, you […]

Three Reasons to Use Corporate Catering for the Holidays

Although Christmas is a pretty big deal during the upcoming holidays, it is not the only one that is occurring, especially in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation like Canada. If you work in a corporate environment, you may want to make your employees feel welcome and celebrated during the holidays. However, if an employee does […]

Summer Corporate Catering Boosts Employee Morale

Unlike their employees, businesses cannot afford to take time off and vacation. Entrepreneurs and business owners spend practically every waking moment that is not spent with family working hard to make their business succeed. However, they do not do this alone. Practically every business hires summertime employees, from long-term regular employees to students looking for […]

Corporate Catering is Great When Appealing to Customers

There are few differences between the many businesses that occupy the same market. All companies competing with each, regardless of how unique they believe they are, offer similar products to fulfill the same or similar needs of their customers and clients. What truly sets companies apart from one another is the service they offer their […]

How to Choose Your Corporate Catering Company

Selecting the right corporate catering company can be challenging. As a business, you put months of planning into your corporate events. It is important that you find the right corporate catering company to handle the logistics of serving your party guests. Art of Food offers a competitive and professional corporate catering service that is guaranteed […]

Corporate Catering will Motivate and Energize Your Business

Corporate catering is a great way of letting your employees know you value and appreciate them and the work they do for you. We know that arranging a corporate event can be a challenge due to time constraints, numbers etc. Hiring a professional is a good solution.  Not only will the foods and drinks be […]