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Make the Summer Heat Bearable with Corporate Catering

Many people of all ages spend their summers off work or school, soaking up the sun for two glorious months of fun before returning to their jobs and schoolwork. Others, however, continue working and may even choose to work every week. However, no matter how focused you are on your work, working during the summer […]

Fight SAD with Corporate Catering Today

Winter is almost over but you may still feel tired, run down, and possibly even sick at times. These effects might not be due to Daylight Savings Time, which recently took effect this year. After all, you may be constantly taking cough drops or blowing your nose. Starting your day one hour earlier would not […]

Corporate Catering for Your Next Valentine’s Day Office Party

Love is in the air, and it might have to do with your next Valentine’s Day office party. Beyond mutual attractions between people, your guests will fall in love with the food. With a professional corporate catering company like Art of Food, such feelings will be simply impossible to resist. From the food quality, to […]