art of food event cateringEvery business has a corporate culture and every corporate culture is different. Companies is Silicon Valley, for instance, have a more relaxed company culture than companies on Wall Street.

Celebrate your own company’s corporate culture with corporate catering, sure to be a hit at your next staff appreciation party.

Appreciated Staff Have Higher Morales

There has been a work culture shift in North America over the past half-century. It used to be where staff members could remain at their corporate job until they retired at an old age. Over the years, however, with the increase of economic globalization and the shipment of jobs overseas where products could be manufactured more affordably, this reality changed.

In practically every industry in North America today, staff members feel they are not being appreciated as the people they are. They, in turn, hold less loyalty and may leave the company at the smallest sign of a downturn or economic troubles. This is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

While this is the current norm, it does not have to remain as such. Showing your staff that they are appreciated can do wonders for everyone’s work morale. Instead of treating your employees and co-workers strictly like colleagues, treat them like family.

Other companies may run their businesses differently, but they are only interested in the bottom line. If you truly want to succeed in today’s workplace, you need to appeal to your staff and ensure your work culture is not only productive but caring as well.

Throwing a party for your staff with corporate catering is a great way to do so. We can still reverse the growing trend of apathy in work culture, creating stronger companies, one by one.

Everyone Likes an Office Party

Everyone loves to party and have fun, at least once in a while. However, not many people get to experience an office party that offers corporate catering. More workers should, since, when they leave work, it is much harder to coordinate with work friends and have a good time. Most people try to hang out with each other after work but the hours are not conducive, especially when everyone has errands to run and other obligations and duties to fulfill.

However, if the office were to stop work an hour early on a Friday, the day where most people want to daydream about the weekend anyways, and hold an office party, office staff would be much closer with one another.  They could relax and finish the week in style. It would make many people look forward to reuniting on the coming Monday.

It is a great way to let loose and enjoy spending time with the people you care about. These communal bonds make all the difference when relying on each other to close sales and when providing good service to customers.

Loyal Staff Help Build Your Business

The fact is, staff members who believe in their company and are loyal to it are worth much, much more than those who are only working due to a steady paycheck. It is a tough reality for any business owner to have to realize, but it must be addressed.

Instead, a common reason for apathy at work is that, as iterated previously, staff members may feel disconnected from the business and their coworkers. They may not feel they have an impact or that they are not able to contribute enough. Holding an office party for your staff with corporate catering is a great way to show your staff you do care about them, and that they care about each other.

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