art of food event cateringLove is in the air, and it might have to do with your next Valentine’s Day office party. Beyond mutual attractions between people, your guests will fall in love with the food. With a professional corporate catering company like Art of Food, such feelings will be simply impossible to resist. From the food quality, to the professional standards of our staff, to the success of your party, here are three reasons why corporate catering is crucial to the success of your next office party.

The Food is Better

Potluck parties may be more inclusive, but food quality is not assured. Luckily, professional, commercial kitchens are required to be more hygienic than even the largest and most-equipped residential home kitchens. Professional chefs are required to follow kitchen codes that govern everything from food preparations and handling, when food needs to be replaced, and maintenance upkeep of kitchen equipment. In addition, a food safety inspector is required to come in and inspect the cleanliness of the premises.

All this attention to hygiene will result in better tasting food. Home kitchens are also not as accommodating to corporate events, and the food used may not be as fresh due to storage constraints. Only using corporate catering can ensure your next party’s food is as pure and fresh as possible. With great attention to detail, professional catering chefs will ensure your next party is your best yet.

Standards are Everything in Corporate Catering

Standards do not just stop at maintaining a clean kitchen and equipment. In corporate catering, our chefs know the difference between good and great food and the difference in effect this distinction will have on your guests. After all, great food is why you are ordering catering and not doing it yourself.

Professional chefs only use the best ingredients to achieve your culinary vision. If the food is not perfect, it is not used. The equipment is clean and well-maintained, and the food is always ready on time. If you want to order corporate catering and set up a soup bar, for instance, the only soup that will arrive cold is gazpacho, as it should be. This is the difference professional standards make.

The Life of the Party

Corporate parties are unlike any other type of party. They exist to serve a commercial purpose for your company, whether you are honoring retiring life-long employees, networking within the industry, or simply appreciating all your many customers. To turn a good event into a great event, you will need to order corporate catering. The food will be the most memorable part, so you need to do it right.

Food makes us feel good. It can bring back old memories or create new ones. We use food to associate with others. For example, when we think of ice cream, we think of summer, dating, or even just going to the beach. It is a great conversation starter and can result in long-lasting relationships. However, the food has to be great, because all these associations can be made with bad-tasting food as well.

For instance, if you have guests who are lactose intolerant or allergic to peanuts, ordering corporate catering will ensure they are provided for. They will be very appreciative of your care to either provide alternative food specially prepared for them, or alter the whole menu to accommodate their health. As a result, this party will be very memorable for them, and if they are clients or industry connections, this simple gesture can have a tremendously positive effect on your business.

When you order corporate catering, you are investing in the success of your party. The great food is the way to achieve that.

Art of Food is a professional corporate catering company operating in Toronto and the GTA. If you are planning a corporate event and would like professional and top-quality catering, we can help. Whether it is a small office party for management, or a large gathering for the entire staff, Art of Food can help. Contact us today at our website for more information.