There are several times throughout the year where corporate environments experience an influx of new workers. These times align with the various calendars. January, the start of the New Year, is one such time. The start of the Fall is another. To a lesser extent, many corporate environments experience an influx of workers during the summer, when current students and recent graduates are working in part time jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities.

Corporate catering is a simple way you can bring a sense of expected professionalism to the workplace. Most new employees are just that: new. It usually takes a few days to a week for new employees to grasp the professionalism standards of their new workplace and adapt to these requirements. Help your employees understand more quickly with professionally prepared food that looks just as good as it tastes, if not better.

New Employees Learn to be Professional by Observing Cues

New employees usually look for social cues around the office to judge the level of professionalism they should have. While every office is a professional environment, some offices are more professional than others. Goldman Sachs is going to be much more professional and have much higher standards when it comes to the employees than the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street.

If an employee sees another employee wearing flip-flops, he or she may start wearing flip-flops. If an employee sees that the women are wearing yoga pants to the office or that the men are wearing t-shirts, he or she will do so as well. As an employer, you need to provide your employees with a cue that describes the amount of professionalism you require around the office. Corporate catering is a great way to do this.

Corporate Catering and Workplace Standards

Companies that use corporate catering are, usually, very strict in their employee guidelines and regulations. You may require men and women to wear suits or uniforms around the office, like how all real estate agents wear jackets. You may require that all your employees look clean and presentable, with each one getting a haircut before it looks like they need one. You may even have a company drug policy concerning caffeine, especially if large machinery is being used. Catered food is helpful to show your employees that standards have to be adhered to.

Corporate catering not only tastes great, it is also presentable as well. Whether you are ordering catering for clients or employees, you can be assured that it tastes just as good as it looks. Food is prepared with optics in mind because, if food does not look good, people will be hesitant to try it. The same principle applies to the office.

No matter how good you are you will increase your business prowess if you look good as well. This is basically the principle behind Apple products. iPods sell better than other music players because they look sleek and elegant. Treat your business like a luxury product as well.

Your employees must look presentable in order to attract customers. While you may be beating competitors in every business metric, if your competitors look more successful than your business, they have the advantage when it comes to servicing new customers and clients. Show your employees the value of looking presentable with corporate catering today.

For the best in corporate catering, you need to hire the best. Art of Food in Toronto can provide corporate catered meals that will wow your workplace, as well as provide new employees with an insight into corporate working culture. For more information, as well as to see all the corporate catering options that we offer, please visit us at our website today.