art of food event cateringMost workplaces open their doors at 9:00AM. Some, however, open sooner at 8:30AM or even 8:00AM. Even the most punctual and organized employee will forget to either eat breakfast or bring his or her lunch once in awhile. This mistake can have negative ramifications on their workplace productivity, which affects every other employee in the office. To avoid such a scenario, which can grind production to a standstill, order breakfast catering for your staff.

3 Reasons to Order Breakfast Catering for Your Staff

Hungry Employees Lose Productivity

Working eight hours without food can be torturous, especially if your employees require a strict diet and eating cycle to be productive. Some might be diabetic, while other employees might be bodybuilders or triathletes in their spare time.

Breakfast catering is a great solution to helping your employees remain productive throughout the day, as they can always take a quick five-minute break to grab a snack like fruit, a bagel, or some tea at the catering station in the break room. This is a small price to pay to ensure your employees are as productive as possible.

The costs of breakfast catering may not even have to come from your own pockets. Present this idea to the staff during your next meeting and see if they are interested in it. If everyone contributes and pools their money to order breakfast catering, you will not have to worry about the financial obligations. This is a win-win solution to resolving productivity issues with individual employees, as the group acts in the group’s best interests.

Employees Rely on Each Other

If just one employee is cranky, tired, or hungry, their behavior can have negative ramifications on the productivity and behavior of every other employee at the office. As a result, productivity can halt and tensions can flare. No productivity either means a loss of potential revenue or the inability to earn additional revenue. Both are bad for business and must be avoided at any cost.

Having breakfast catering available to your staff and coworkers at the start of every workday is a great way to ensure everyone is well-fed and able to be focused on the day’s work goals. If one employee is slow, his or her slowness will affect every other employee that relies on that employee to be productive. This effect grow exponentially larger the higher the number of employees are that require that one slow, cranky, and tired employee to finish their work. This is no way for an organized workplace to be run, especially not proficiently or profitably.

Putting Catering in Perspective

Breakfast catering is a small price to pay to ensure your office is successful and productive throughout the day. It often pays for itself. When your employees become more productive, they not only earn more revenue for the business, but they refrain from missing out on potential opportunities to make money as well. As such, this strategy will pay for itself exponentially, in terms of providing revenue, especially increased revenue streams, for your small business or company.

You need to look at breakfast catering as a future investment. The cost and time it takes to order breakfast catering is nothing in comparison to the happiness and morale of an energized and productive employee, who can often do the work of multiple individuals.

If you need a breakfast catering company to service your small business, consider contacting Art of Food today. We can help you ensure workplace productivity for your Toronto office with breakfast catering, so do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, or to check out our available breakfast options, please visit us at our website today.