There are many school events that need catering. Everything from PTA meetings to school-wide fundraisers for charity can be event catered.

Here are five of the most common events that can be catered during the school year. Instead of doing the normal potluck where everyone brings something and everyone shows up with cookies, consider pooling in and ordering event catering instead.

PTA Meeting

Depending on the agenda and the length of the PTA meeting, it is not uncommon for some to last hours. While parents attend because they love their children and want to improve the education system for all, it can be tiring after a full day of work to attend one.

Food and drinks may or may not be served at PTA meetings and, if you have been working all day, you know how hungry you can get. Event catering is always welcome where hungry bellies are, and PTA meetings are no different.

Charity Fundraiser

Many charity fundraisers take place at schools, especially charities that focus on local issues. Issues from providing hot lunches to underprivileged kids, to ensuring that every child has school supplies on their first day, are common charity fundraisers.

Event catering will help draw crowds to charity fundraisers, which can be the difference between a successful fundraiser attaining all the funding they require, or not. Fundraising is a tough business and every little bit of help, well, helps.

School Sport Team Victories

School sports can be just as competitive as professional leagues. When a team does well and wins the championship, or comes close, they should be appreciated. Hosting a sports team celebration is a great way to raise the morale of the team members, the school, and the rest of the community.

If you are thinking of hosting a sport team appreciation ceremony or party, consider hiring an event catering company to supply the food. It is one less thing to have to take care of, and professionally prepared food is always a good thing to invest in.

A Teacher’s Retirement

Teachers are some of the unsung heroes of our communities. Great teachers do not treat their job like a 9-5. Instead, they show up early to prepare the classroom, stay late to help coach the school’s sports teams or prepare for future lessons, and often take their students’ work home with them to grade late at night. When a school loses a valuable teacher to retirement, everyone can feel the difference.

While many teachers continue to teach on a part-time basis, or even go into tutoring, during their retirement, not all do. When hosting a retirement party for your favorite teachers, consider ordering event catering. It is a nice way to say goodbye and thanks for the memories.

Celebrating Excellent Students

Students believe that school is their life. While they get to go home at 3 every day, their life revolves around school. Excellent students often go above and beyond in many subjects, from arts, to physical education, mathematics, and more.

Whether a kid excels in one subject or many, they should be applauded for putting in the extra time and effort to truly master their education. Event catering for such an event can be quick and simple, allowing you to focus on what is truly important: honoring the students.

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