Unlike their employees, businesses cannot afford to take time off and vacation. Entrepreneurs and business owners spend practically every waking moment that is not spent with family working hard to make their business succeed. However, they do not do this alone. Practically every business hires summertime employees, from long-term regular employees to students looking for temporary summer jobs, in order to ensure they continue making money and growing their business.

Here is how ordering corporate catering can help boost your employees’ morale and help them do as great a job as possible during the summer months.

Corporate Catering Helps Employees Bond with the Company

Short term or “temp” employees usually work for a couple weeks or months before their contract is to be extended. During that time, they are being evaluated on their proficiency in the workplace. However, with the summer heat and the fact they have not yet bonded to their workplace, summer temp employees may have a more difficult time being as proficient as they could be.

Luckily, corporate catering is a great way to help your staff bond and turn a workplace into a community, as well as ensure that every employee has the energy needed to tackle a full afternoon of work.

With corporate catering, you can help each and every employee do his or her best work. An appreciative, and happy, employee is a good employee, especially if they enjoy the work they are doing. The summer is not yet over and there is still time to increase your staff’s productivity. Ordering catering can ensure you achieve this goal, and increase your business’s revenues as well.

Why a Catered Lunch Break is Best

Lunch breaks are short and, depending on the industry, paid time. A typical employee may only have a half hour to rush to their nearest favorite restaurant, wolf down their food, and be back in time to start their afternoon shift in the office. If they choose to eat in the break room at work, there will be a line to use the microwave, which can reduce the amount of time each employee can relax and enjoy their food. In addition, some staff always need to work during the lunch break in order to ensure the business does not shut down completely for a half hour.

Ordering corporate catering ensures that your staff has instant access to delicious and nutritious food, right in the office. It is as easy as entering the next room over and taking an artisan sandwich back to their desk, or to stay in the break room and socialize with their work friends. There is no mad rush to get to the restaurant. There is no long line to use the microwave. Helping your employees relax during their lunch break is a great way to helping them remain productive during the afternoon, as well as letting them bond with each other, and the company they work for.

Every business expense is an investment in the future of your company. Corporate catering is a profitable investment when it comes to raising revenues by increasing employee morale and productivity, and revenue is one half the equation to see higher profits next quarter. In short, corporate catering is good for business.

If you hire summer temp workers or you would just like to help boost company morale and productivity during the summer months, you should consider ordering corporate catering from a professional catering company like Art of Food in Toronto. For more information about our corporate catering options, as well as contact details, please visit us at our website.