Everyone has been to a bake sale, potluck, community auction with food, and more. While these and other event are great for last minute planning, or for planners who are content with using the same theme for an event year after year, event planners that want to try something new should consider contacting an event catering company.

Even if you do not want to change your event’s overlying theme, using event catering is a sure-fire way to make your next event your best yet.

3 Ways Event Catering Can “WoW” your Guests

Unexpected, Yet Awesome

Every time an event occurs, guests like to guess what the event will be and how it will turn out. Nowhere is this more apparent than the food options. You often see parents bringing approved snacks for their children, or guests informing planners about their dietary preferences before the event starts, due to these guests’ impressions of the event.

When you order event catering from a professional event catering company, you are able to offer your guests something new and exciting. They will not be expecting this; however your event will be so good that they will do so in the future.

A Range of New Styles and Themes

When you cater an event yourself, there is a limit to what food items you can produce. You may not be able to afford fancy culinary equipment required for certain food items, like a full set of high quality copper pots. You may only have a select bunch of recipes that you like and offer to your guests. You may even be so happy with the current food selections that you do not entertain the thought of “mixing it up a bit.”

All these reasons are fine. However, ordering event catering will allow you to affordably try new food themes and styles that might just become the signature of your future events, like a “Western movie night” with copious amounts of beef and beans, or an “Asian community outreach night” with a variety of Asian culinary delicacies from around the continent. So many wonderful options can be tried and used to benefit your event when you order catering.

Offer Guests a Taste of Something New

Everyone likes surprises, especially when they are good surprises. There is a reason that we do not file in a line and wish people happy birthday like two varsity soccer teams congratulating the other team for their participation after a win. No, we hide in their living room in the dark with a cake and presents to surprise them when they open the door. The overwhelming sense of appreciation and surprise makes birthday surprises a fun event. The same feeling can be experienced when you order event catering.

If your guests have been to your events before, they will come to expect a certain food item, even if it is just a beverage option like bubble tea or a frappuccino. “Wow” them with your next event by metaphorically “keeping them in the dark.” There is always something new to experience and, just like a birthday surprise party, it can be a quick and sudden change of events that makes their day a great experience.

Unique and awe-inspiring event catering can be yours, especially when you order catering from a professional event catering company like Art of Food in Toronto. Many event planners have used professional catering because it works, and it can work for you. For more information, or to look at our menus, please visit us today at our website.