art of food event cateringThere are generally two different options small- and medium-sized businesses have when they decide to host an event: event catering or doing it yourself. Small businesses simply do not have enough capital to use an in-house kitchen or to hire professional chefs to work on-site like the larger Fortune 500 companies do.

When faced with this decision, most business owners that are just starting out usually choose to do it yourself. However, this is probably one of the worst decisions, in terms of time, effort, and money that a small business owner can make.

The only option a small business owner or operator should consider is to contract an event catering company for their events.

Here is why.

The Problems with Self-Catering Your Own Events

Self-catering your own event seems like a good decision at first. Most bad decisions seem great once you first decide to follow them. However, if you do not have prior experience self-catering your own events successfully before, self-catering is one of the most risky decisions you can make.

First, every minute you spend on your own event catering is a minute lost from building up your business and increasing your revenues. In addition, you cannot just hit the ground running when you first decide to self-cater your own events. You will need to purchase enough equipment to ensure you can prepare and produce enough food, learn how to cook and bake well, and then actually spend the time cooking and baking.

This is a commitment of 100s of hours of work on your part. This commitment does not even include the many hours you will have to work to pay for everything, or the extra time and effort you will have to put into this commitment. Saving you time, money, and effort. Simply hire an event catering company.

The Many Benefits of Event Catering

A professional event catering company can save you hundreds in savings, as well as much of your own time and effort that is better spent building your company up. However, the greatest asset an event catering company offers its clients is the guarantee of quality. If you self-cater, you cannot ensure your food will be palatable, or that you will even have enough to serve everyone.

Only professionals with combined decades of experience within an industry can know the minute details of a project. This is true in any industry. This is true with your investment in your small business. This is true with event catering as well.

The main reason why you risk your business’s vitality when you choose to self-cater is as follows. At best, you will be spending your days working at your business, and you will spend your nights planning your event, including the catering. Your days will become longer, more sleep-deprived, and more stressful. In this mental state, you are more prone to making mistakes at work, leading to a loss of income, if you decide to provide event catering all by yourself.

Professional event caterers know the minute details of event catering because the vitality of their business depends on their success. Professional caterers know how much food to prepare for which types of events, the most appropriate foods to serve, the percentage of your guest list that require special attention (for instance, if they are vegetarians or allergic to eggs), and more.

Art of Food is a professional event catering company in Toronto with years of experience providing event catering to a diverse array of clients. Instead of self-catering your own events, and risking your business in the process, choose event catering every time. For more information, or to place an order for your next event, please visit our website today.